Well after invigorating your minds towards a natural and healthy living and trying to open up your "window of the conscience",its time to get started. Inspite of the fact that we all know going natural is the right way,we have developed certain prejudices about our wellness system.Our misconceptions need to be rectified for us to accept it wholeheartedly.I have listed a few below.Readers are open to add more.....i shall certainly try to overcome them .
  • Ayurveda heals very slowly: I completely disagree with this.I've seen so many patients taking allopathy medicines relentlessly for ailments like arthritis,asthma,skin diseases,COPD'S, infertility etc. for years together.Most of these need only a 2 to 4 months course of ayurvedic medicines including body detox that is panchakarma . Also as much time and allopathic medicines people take before approaching  an ayurvedic consultant ,the longer it takes to cure.Trust in this timetested science,stop thinking it as the last alternative.I do agree that some times active management is required,which includes suppressing symptoms like fever,headache, vomitting and others.But,i would rather name it management and not treatment.Ayurveda tends to treat inside out,so it might seem time consuming at times.But indisputably it gives back, more than you ask for.

  • Ayurvedic medicines are awful n bitter:Yes! Now this is not a myth.This was true till recent years.But,thanks to the recent advances,even these drugs are available mostly in form of coated tablets,capsules. And sweetened syrups have replaced our decoctions.Also ghanvatis i.e tablets of nearly all decoctions are available,so no need to gulp the "kadva kadha",as we call it often.Though most of the drugs do need to be taken in a certain medium that enhances its properties.

  • Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects:Contrary to the common belief that these medicines have no side effects and can be safely taken over the counter,we should think it over ourselves.How can any medicines be taken without knowing its proposed action,diagnosing the precise underlying cause and deciding the duration of treatment.

  • Too many diet restrictions:More than criticizing ayurveda for diet restrictions. Should'nt we take a look at our everbusy lives,we hardly care what we dump into our systems while trying to meet our deadlnes.The body, our host that gives our souls a chance to live this precious life as human beings, is habitually neglected.We must actually be thankful to ayurvedic doctors who generously guide us with our haywire lifestyle and diet plans,instead of just handing out prescriptions
  • Ayurvedic medicines - Non researched or tested: These medicines have been used in our country since ages and the basic principles of ayurveda remain applicable even in today's world.There hasn't been any need to replace or revise molecules as is the course of modern medicines,which become ineffective and need replacements from time to time.This itself proves the fact that these medicines are timetested.
                           Hope, I debunked most of the rumours that refrained you from taking ayurvedic treatment as the first choice and not the last resort.We shall talk about alarming topics like obesity,osteoporesis,parenting and not to forget some easy home remedies for common ailments,amongst others in the posts to follow.


Dr Veena Sarate said…
Hi asmita,
Yes ....busting myths is the most important thing for any science...before it starts to prove its efficacy.
all points accepted.
But may i point few issues i disagree...
1. Allopathy is not 'management'. I disagree that allopathy suppresses symptoms becoz per se there are many many illnesses where allopathy is the call of the day. Im sorry but i strongly disagree. Becoz i deal with eyes i can tell you allopathy can and does prevent lot of "dead end" diseases.
To say Ayurveda is good doesnt necessarily mean Allopathy is bad.
I beleive in ayurveda...but i feel allopathy has its own brilliant advantages that need respect.
2. You speak that we must thank ayurvedic doctors becoz they discuss diet rather than hand out prescriptions.
Firstly any allopathic OPD will have (im talking of government setup) 100pts. Even if a allopathy doctor wants to deal with diet how can he/she?
And furthermore in a setup where ppl dont have 2 square meals does diet restriction matter?
These are different view points and ofcourse it may unnerve you....but its the truth.

Ayurveda firstly should stop its comparision with Allopathy. They are 2 different branches of treatment,each deserving its own respect.
I strongly endorse ayurveda...but i wuld request ppl not to disown allopathy.....

Ofcourse many more myths are there that i will discuss which prevail in name of ayurveda.
Thanks for those insights.
I feel there is a need to go beyond the age old debate around Ayurveda/Allopathy /homeopathy. We need to be wise in recognizing the strengths of these sciences.
I like the correlation between allopathic intervention and "active management". Again, this is based on my very primitive understanding of this intricate science.
As you have rightly put, "Prevention is better than cure" seems to be at the heart of Ayurveda. This is a very powerful, fundamental and a believable thought. Therefore, to embrace Ayurveda wholeheartedly there needs to be a paradigm shift in our thought process. A thought process that accommodates the discipline and patience that would compliments the effectiveness of Ayurveda.
Hey..............i seem to have unnerved you.Firstly,I am not against modern medicine......u completely misunderstood me.Ipersonally feel that as we are specializing into treating every organ seperately.......which is not bad......but the concept of treating a persons body ,mind and soul........as a whole......is somewhere lagging behind .Ofcourse,emergency management in allopathy has been the greatest boon to mankind............and i am not denying it.But in ayurveda we have a broader concept of cure.It says"When we treat a disease, it must not cause accumalation of any toxins in the body.........which may produce another disease in future."It is called "upadrava" of the main ailment.I actually meant it that way.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the insight.Truly Ayurveda is life itself.Every man should accept Ayurveda as a life discipline.
Unknown said…
I agree with you Asmita, it is the holistic approach of Ayurveda that is rarely seen in modern medicine. However as Ashwin rightly says, we need to get over the age old debate about the superiority of a particular kind of therapeutics and develop an attitude of respect and tolerance towards alternative therapies.
Dr Veena Sarate said…
Well asmita. The truth is any comparision between 2 principal branches of a field will cause conflicts. As much as i know in this blog we must focus on how to instill ayurveda in our lives,rather than compare it to allopathy.
Ayurveda definitely starts at the root. Hence lets try to behave like those wondrrful rivers which surge through different directions, but end up in one sea.
I have 1000 questions about ayurveda.. and it would be so more productive if we go deep in this ancient culture of ours.
When needed any reference..i will be there to endorse allopathy too.
Thanks all! This exactly what I expected......let u r suggestions n opinios flow.
Unknown said…

Nice post Doc.

Do share your experiences.
arati said…
It’s nice to have a forum discussing Ayurvedic medicine and I agree that these are some of the ancient seeds of medicine. Every medicine branch has its pros and cons, takes its own pace to heal an ailment and also a lot depends on host factors (which is usually not accounted for while drawing conclusions). In fact it will be interesting to see condition/disease specific blogs being managed with Ayurvedic remedies (as you propose to eventually discuss) and how alternative therapies can be amalgamated to improve the outcomes. Let the discussions continue……
Hey , thanks.Yes...........I will surely share them.
Thanks arati
Very true.But instead of sharing ayurvedic remedies only, i wish to convey my insights also on other issues like parenting, depression, marriage etc.We shall discuss about the preventive part rather than home remedies.........for which u can find hunderds of websites on the net.And yes.......as u rightly said............let the discussions continue.
Pallavi Tonpe said…
I think people are slowly opening up to the concept of wholesome living rather than seeking last minute remedies. Ayurved is a 'way of life', is that correct? I agree a 100% that it will be the only way to go if not today in the coming years. I heard in a documentary that in the future doctors will manage diseases with proper nutrition rather than medicines and surgeries. There are many examples of these in cancer treatment already. Most of the things are cyclic and next cycle belongs to everything that is sustainable - sustainable energy, wholesome nutrition and holistic medicine!
Unknown said…
Good blogging doc! Nice to read something ineresting concerning my health.
Hey.........pallavi, thanks a ton! Its was so heart-warming to read your comment.
And thanks again for sharing about that documentary.If we could ammalgamate , both these streams of medicine , it would be of immense help to mankind.Hoping for it,maybe someday..........this dream shall come true!
I hope we all benefit from eachothers experiences........so keep reading.......n commenting......thats the only way , I can learn about how useful it was. Thanks! for the comment Amit .
Unknown said…
खूपच स्तुत्य उपक्रम! अधिकाधिक विषय मांडत समृध्द सर्वसमावेशक लिखाणासाठी शुभेच्छा! :)